Birnagaris a small town in the district of Nadia, close to the District town Krishnanagar.  The original name of this town was known for its rich cultural heritage. The birthplace of the well-known author RajshekharBose(Parsuram) was instrumental in establishing this identity. In the middle of this town, stands the Ula General Libraryas a mark of this continued patronage of the people towards education and culture.

Around 100 years in the past, this place indeed had an English medium school with around 70,000 students and the urge for education was obvious from the fact that the British had built two identical building for Senior Cambridge curriculum. First was The Hindu College which shook the Calcutta society and shed new light on the thinking of people of Calcutta. The second building was Krishnanagar College that brought fresh air and new light in the age-old belief and social customs of rural life while introducing the thought of modernity and activities of the upper crust of rural society far away from Calcutta.

With this long history of culture it is needless to say that we as responsible citizens, must continue our effort in keeping up with the expectations of the residents of Birnagar to provide quality education to the young generation.

The school has adopted digital E-Learning method of teaching to upgrade and modernize classroom teaching methods which will help students to grasp the knowledge faster and with ease. The medium of teaching followed in the school is English. Children are trained to acquire skill in speaking, reading and writing good English.

Chatterjee National School (CNS) is my dream that finally comes alive with a facility for students, from Kindergarten to class XII, to be affiliated to CBSE council and plans to provide quality education with modern residential amenities which is under construction. While we have already completed one year of our Chatterjee National Play Schoolwhich we had started on January 1st,2016. I am excited to announce the opening of our primary school from class I to class IV in April, 2017.