The school fee covers 12 calendar months and may be paid in monthly installments or in advance. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged in full as long as their names are officially on the rolls. The fee must be paid in cash only. The fee has to be paid in advance before 15th day of each month. Failing to do so, will impose a late fee fine of Rs.100 for every month henceforth. Students whose fees are due for 3 consecutive months may be banned from appearing in examinations and are liable to be asked for withdrawal.


Class Fees
Toddler 700 a month
Nursery 800 a month
L.K.G 850 a month
U.K.G. 900 a month
Std. I 950 a month
Std. II 1000 a month
Std. III 1050 a month
Std. IV 1100 a month
Std. V 1150 a month
Std. VI 1200 a month
Std.VII 1250 a month
Std. VIII 1300 a month
Std. IX 1350 a month
Std. X 1400 a month