Swamiji said “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in a man.”The focus of Chatterjee National School is to instill a strong sense of value and self-discipline in children. Accordingly, the School emphasizes on certain values strongly while nurturing and enfolding the others in the school life of each child:

  • Patriotism
  • Community concern
  • Civic responsibility
  • Respect and tolerance for all religions
  • Self-respect and acceptance
  • Respect for elders
  • Dignity of labour
  • Simplicity in attitude and demeanor
  • Quest for knowledge
  • Taste for reading
  • Good study habits and skill of learning
  • Self-discipline and moderation
  • Physical culture and grace
  • Politeness and courtesy

School Calendar

School calendar is from April to March for Chatterjee National School.
The school normally functions from Monday to Friday.
School Hours (Subject to change)
Reporting Time:…………..9:35 a.m.
Assembly Time:……………9:45 a.m.
Toddler:………………………. Up to 1:40 p.m.
Nursery to K.G.:…………… Up to 1:40 p.m.
Class I onwards:………….. Up to 3:15p.m.
Note: The gate will close at 9:40 a.m. After that no students will be allowed to get inside the school.
Office Hours (Subject to change)
9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(Monday to Saturday)

General Information

  • A child should be two years old for admission in Toddler. Admission to Play House Nursery is strictly against vacancy.
  • There are three vacations in a year, namely, summer, puja and winter. In addition there is an end-term vacation at the end of each academic year.
  • Parents and guardians may meet the class teachers by prior appointment only after school hours.
  • Director/Principal/ Vice Principal/ Coordinators/ subject teachers are available to meet the parents at the school on any week of the day between 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. by prior appointment.
  • Parents who wish to meet the Principal should do so with a prior appointment.


Leave Policy

  • No student will be allowed to be withdrawn in mid-session. However, under unavoidable circumstances, a student can be withdrawn providing valid reason and proof.
  • Withdrawal will not entitle refund of any session fees. School will issue school leaving certificate once all dues are cleared and a no-due certificate is obtained from the school office.
  • The students must also present a leave note from parents when he/she return to the School (Record of Absence). Medical certificate must always be produced for illness exceeding one week.
  • Leave application for serious sickness or other crucial need must reach the school office prior to the opening day.
  • Students are not allowed to receive visitors in School. They are not allowed to make or attend phone calls unless the School deems it necessary.
  • Students suffering from an infectious disease must produce a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner so that he/ she may attend school without their risk of conveying infection.
  • Students are not allowed to offer presents to their teachers.

The Principal can, in the interest of the school, have a student removed if in the former’s opinion, the student has failed to maintain the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is detrimental to the interest of the students. This will be considered as withdrawal and the above rules are applicable.


School Code

  • Students are expected to be on time at School every day. Regular attendance and punctuality in School is emphasized on.
  • ‘Birthdays’, ‘excursions’, ‘urgent business’, marriages’, are not sufficient reasons to justify absence from school. Absence from school in order to study is also not allowed.
  • Students are expected to come in their school uniform, neatly pressed and clean.
  • Wearing bindi, jewellery, mehandi and other accessories to school is not permitted. This is done so as to ensure simplicity and uniformity amongst all students. A pair of simple earrings, preferably studs may be worn to school everyday.
  • All children are expected to wear the school ID card everyday.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during school hours except on the strength of a written request from his/her parent and due authorization by the Principal/ Director.
  • Students are to address their teachers and all members of the school staff with due respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging behavior towards teaching or non-teaching staff is forbidden. On their way to and from school, students must behave in a gentle manner.
  • Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum, tobacco products, etc. is strictly forbidden.  Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct, rowdyism, casteism, stealing, any form of verbal or written obscenity justify dismissal.
  • Care should be taken of the school property. Students are liable to make good all the damages they cause to school property. It would mean confiscation of the unit, suspension for a period of one week and a fine of Rs. 1000/-
  • The school uniform is a sacred and prized possession of a student. It symbolizes the ethos and culture of the school, of which the student is an integral part. Any violation to its sanctity calls for firm disciplinary action such as suspension, termination etc. Hair colouring, or using styling gel and stylish haircuts are not permitted. Boys who have begun to shave must have a clean shaven face.
  • School staffs are not authorized to answer the queries of the parents directly or over the telephone. For any misinformation received by the parents through unauthorized persons, the principal cannot be held responsible.
  • Parents are not allowed to see their students or interview teachers during school hours unless explicitly allowed by the principal. Parents will leave their wards at the gate without entering the premises.
  • A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce doctor’s certificate.
  • No school business will be transacted on holidays or during vacation.

Behaviour at school

  • To write/draw on the blackboard (except when called upon to do so) to write offensive word, to soil walls or maps or anything else, are things absolutely to be avoided.
  • Take great care of your text books, note books and other belonging. Beware of appropriating your neighbour’s property even if it were the smallest things. If you find a lost article give it at once to the teachers.
  • Keep the floor clean by allowing no paper or ink to fall on it. Cleanliness and purity of soul are reflected by clean and neat exterior.
  • Speak no ill of your mates, or of the discipline and management of the school. Everyone is perfectly free to remain or not to remain, in the school.
  • Always speak well of school and of your teachers.
  • Performances on the stage of the school auditorium are permitted for your instruction and entertainment. They should help to bring outthe fine qualities of your heart and never be an occasion for least sin.
  • To enter the auditorium in  a hurry or even to run the risk of hurting your companions, to try to go ahead of others, to stand when you should be seated, to secure a better seat, to boo or hiss, or any other way give any  evidence of disapproval or dislike are things absolutely to be avoided.
  • Do not ridicule anyone for his/her mistake. When the curtain is lowered, applaud generously but not boisterously.
  • Be tolerant also when things have not been according to your taste or as perfect as you expected them to be.
  • In leaving the auditorium, do not push or shove one another. Rather go out in an orderly manner.

Students are expected to

  • Be polite all times.
  • Obey school leaders.
  • Use decent language.
  • Adhere to school regulations.
  • Stay away from harming other students.
  • Take prior permission for any absence.
  • Get parent’s signature wherever required.
  • Respect school property, library books etc.
  • Eat only during the tiffin break.
  • Keep the class and school premises clean.
  • Come without fancy watches, accessories like nail polish, lipstick, lipgloss, glitters or coloured hair.

Behaviour outside school hours

Although parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children outside school hours; the school will take necessary action if any unruly or aggressive behaviour is reported against any student.


School has elaborate security arrangements for the children along with surveillance cameras. There are dedicated house staffs, catering to indoor and outdoor needs of children and help teachers conduct their daily routine without any hindrance. Parents will be provided dispersal card which must be carried without fail by the person who would come to collect their children during the dispersal time.

School Uniforms

It is compulsory for every child to wear the school uniform every day for which a minimum of two sets must be maintained. Parents are requested not to purchase uniform from outside stores. They are exclusively available at the school store. Parents must ensure proper cleanliness of the uniform by regularly washing and ironing them.
Each set of uniform comprises of the following:

(I – XII)              -GRAY TROUSER (V – XII) HALF PANTS (I – IV)
(TODDLER –     

There should be no discrepancy in the school uniforms.

Rules for school uniform

  • Wear clean and pressed uniform every day.
  • Shirts need to be tucked in neatly.
  • Nails to be pared and clean.
  • Shoes must be clean and shining.
  • Socks must be clean.
  • Hair must be neatly combed.
  • Only simple hair bands or clips are permitted.
  • The school uniform is compulsory on all class days and at school function.
  • Students wearing unauthorized school uniform will not be permitted to attend classes.


  • Assessment / Examination will be conducted periodically as per the requirement of the Council. The average of the assessments / examinations will be considered for final promotion.
  • Absence from assessments / examinations is strictly discouraged and only genuine cases will be considered at the time of promotion.
  • Promotion to higher class is decided on the basis of continuous assessments.
  • Using unfair means or any other malpractices in an examination disqualifies the student from the whole examination.
  • If a holiday is declared on a scheduled day of examination, the same will be conducted after the last day of the Examinations.
  • Progress report will be issued after the Half-yearly / Annual Examinations on the PTM Day.
  • Absence of students and non-attendance of parents on PTM Day will result in the report being retained till a future date which will be intimated to the parents.

Grading Criteria

Two sets of Assessments and two examinations will be conducted during the academic year 2017-2018 as detailed below:

  • 1st set of Assessment in July
  • Half-yearly examination in September
  • 2nd set of Assessment in January 2018
  • Annual examination in March 2018
    80%: Written Examination

20%: Assessments

Guidelines for grading




Very Good









Pass & promotion criteria
Class I – IV: -40% aggregate in English and any four academic subjects.
-A pass grade in SUPW and community service.


The School has a range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities for students. Various clubs organized in School cater to the varying levels of abilities and aptitude of the children. It is compulsory that students involve and enroll themselves in one club activity or the other of their interest and choice:

  • Literary club
  • Art club
  • Music club (Vocal/Instrumental)
  • Dance club
  • Eco club
  • Drama club
  • Mathematics club
  • Science club
  • Photography club

House system

All students at School belong to one of the four Houses mentioned below.
The House colours accordingly are:
Red, Blue, Green, Violet
The school cabinet
The School believes in tapping talented potential leaders from a very young age and accordingly has a School Cabinet comprising School Captain/Vice Captains and Prefects to assist the Principal and the Teachers in various day to day functioning and smooth running of the School.

The school cabinet

The School believes in tapping talented potential leaders from a very young age and accordingly has a School Cabinet comprising School Captain/Vice Captains and Prefects to assist the Principal and the Teachers in various day to day functioning and smooth running of the School.

Admission Rule

An Admission Test for Toddler/ Pre-primary is not required. But admission test will be conducted for students seeking admission to class I onwards as per the standing rules of the school.
Age Limit (Pre-Primary)

Class                                      Minimum Age
Toddler                                    2 years plus
L.K.G                                    3 years – 4.5 years
U.K.G                                   4.5 years – 5 years plus

Note: The age of admission to other classes shall be determined on the same basis.

Certificates / Testimonials

The School believes in tapping talented potential leaders from a very young age and accordingly has a School Cabinet comprising School Captain/Vice Captains and Prefects to assist the Principal and the Teachers in various day to day functioning and smooth running of the School.

The following certificates and testimonials must be produced at the time of admission.

  • Birth certificate (From Govt., authorized persons e.g. Corporation, Panchayat etc. Note: B.C from any Nursing Home is not accepted.
  • 3 copies of recent stamp size colour photographs.
  • Transfer certificate in case of students coming from otherschools.
  • Voter Identity Card of guardians/ parents.

Transfer Certificate

  • All applications for TCs will have to be sent as a written request addressed to the Principal giving one calendar month’s notice or one month’s fees paid in lieu of notice.
  • Transfer Certificate is issued on clearance of all school dues in full and only on receipt of an application from the parent responsible for the admission of the student.
  • TC is issued on payment of Rs. 200/- only.
  • Once Transfer Certificate has been prepared and issued by the school and the students seek re-admission, it will be treated as new admission. This will involve full payment of admission fee based on the existing rates at the time.
  • One month’s fees as well as all arrear fees are required to be paid before withdrawal of a pupil.

Fee Structure

The school fee covers 12 calendar months and may be paid in monthly installments or in advance. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged in full as long as their names are officially on the rolls. The fee must be paid in cash only. The fee has to be paid in advance before 10th day of each month. Failing to do so, will impose late fine of Rs. 100 for every month henceforth. Students whose fees are due for 3 consecutive months may be banned from appearing in examination and are liable to be asked for withdrawal.

Regularity Record

  • School begins with the morning assembly and students must be on time for it. It is advisable that students reach school at least five minutes before the scheduled time for the Assembly.
  • Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. Those who come late must report the reason for their being late to the principal and submit fine of Rs. 5/-. Five late arrivals will result in parents being called attention after which that student is liable to a fine of Rs. 10 for every late arrival.
  • Every pupil attending the school is obliged to take part in the choral singing, physical exercise, drill, yoga, meditation, games and all other school activities.
  • The purpose of regular attendance is to inculcate in the students traits of punctuality, regularity and discipline. To be eligible for promotion, a student must have a minimum of 80% attendance. Absence from the school without leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstance in which case the information must be given at the earliest.
  • After an absence from the school the reasons for the absence must be entered briefly in the Regularity Record under “Absent” in the diary. Reasons of a private nature may always be submitted in a letter. Parents should give a prior intimation to the school on the 3rd day of their ward’s absence if he/ she is likely to be absent for a longer duration.
  • If an unauthorized absence from school exceeds 15 calendar days, the student’s name may be struck off the rolls, and he/ she may not be readmitted to school.
  • An absence due to illness for two or more days, besides being entered in the Regularity Record as “Absent” must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription.
  • Leave for religious ceremonies, wedding of close relative or special occasions must be obtained beforehand.
  • Leave of absence for reasons such as birthday, excursions, festivals, weddings, time to study for an examination, is not considered sufficient.
  • A leave granted must be recorded in the Regularity Record under ‘Leave’ in the calendar.
  • Early Departure is availed when there is an emergency at home or when a student gets sick in the school. It is not granted to those who come sick from home.
  • Children should be encouraged to attend school regularly and on time. This will bring discipline in lives.

A Note to Parents

  • The school expects full cooperation from the parents and guardians in all matters concerning the education of their child.
  • Parents are to follow the school diary everyday and see to it that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day is done. It’s also important for the parents to go through the school diary daily if any instruction or notice is provided by their teachers for parents. Diary must be signed daily and send back to school with their wards.
  • Any change of address or telephone number must be notified immediately.
  • If there is change in the persons normally coming to collect your child after the school gets over, he/ she must carry the escort card.
  • Children must not be sent to school with valuable ornaments. Please note that the school will not be responsible for loss of such article.
  • A child will be allowed to leave school early only in case of an emergency.
  • Every parent must make it a point to attend the orientation programs and meetings.
  • Please do not send any gift for teachers or students to celebrate a child’s birthday. Only chocolates may be sent.
  • Please encourage the child to dress neatly. Keep their personal belongings carefully, polish shoes, make their own bed and take pride in their work.
  • Please ensure that you follow the school calendar and avoid taking the child out for social functions and other gatherings during school days.
  • Any form of criticism of the teacher or the school in front of the students is to be strictly avoided. If done the students lose the respect for his/ her teacher and fail to learn from the teacher or the school. If there is a genuine problem it is advisable to contact the teacher-in-charge.
  • Special attention should be given on maintaining a high standard of morality and discipline. Chatterjee National School maintains a high standard of education that ensures the duration of stay in school by a student is fully utilized. The curriculum is designed to make certain that every student need not spend long hours studying at home. Therefore parents are requested not to encourage any private tutor.
  • Parents are also requested to maintain communication only with the Principal/ Director through the P.A. and approach any other school employees. Prior appointment is mandatory to meet the Principal/ Director.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with the school by e-mail/ telephone.
    Kindly sign at the designated place after you have gone through the diary.

Morning Prayer number 2

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the birds that sing
Thank you God for every thing

Morning Prayer number 1

Everything I am
Everything I will be
I give it to you Lord
And do it thankfully
Every song I sing
Every place I be
Everything I do
Is a gift to you

Morning Prayer number 3

Oh Almighty God
Bless us all
Oh Almighty God
Bless us all
For we may flourish
be big and tall
Bless us all